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From rescuing worn out or abandoned furniture to renovating your much loved heirlooms, or even helping you create made to measure, bespoke pieces for your home, restaurant or night club, I am happy to consider all types of projects.

Sanding and refinishing frames and general wooden frame repair service also offered.

I always have a range of cushion covers, and occasionally chairs available to buy through the online shop or directly from my workshop.

To get in touch please see the contact tab at the top of the page, where you will also find information on delivery and collection.

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  1. I have two “Deco” chairs which I would like recovered. At present they are worn out cloth type material and I would like them covered with a leather or leather substitute. Could I send you images and some idea of what I want via email, and could you give me some idea of cost?
    Thanks . Barry..
    PS : I would welcome your advise if you think my idea could be better.

    • Yes of course. Sounds great and there is a leather supplier on the same site as my workshop.
      Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

  2. Hello!

    I am buying an old 2 door BMW E30 convertible so I can restore it (its a bit of a hobby of mine I suppose!)

    Would really like to reupholster the seats and door cards in leather to make them look fresh again. Cream or grey leather.

    Any chance you could give me a rough figure on how much you would charge for this? A rough ball park figure will be fine!

    Its 2 front seats, and 2 rear seats which are 1 piece plus 2 door cards.

    I might possibly want to reupholster the dashboard aswell

    My email is iknowkungfuu@hotmail.co.uk

    I live in Shoreham and will drop the car off to you when you are ready! 🙂



    • Hi Neal-

      Sent you an email but not sure if you got it. I haven’t done cars before but I’m happy to have a look.


  3. Could you possibly do a motor bike seat and if so would you be able to do it on a do it whilst I wait kind of thing. Thanks. Andy

    • Hi Andy,
      It depends if the covering is attached with staples or rivets, as I don’t have a rivet gun. If you could send a picture of the seat to anna@brightonupholstery.com I’ll happily have a look, but unfortunately couldn’t do it while you wait as I have a long waiting list at the moment.


  4. Hi Anna,

    We have a three piece sweet (two arm chairs and a two seat sofa) Art Deco in style that desperately need recovering. Is this something you can help us out with?

    Ideally the chairs to be covered in leather. My only other question is to what sort of turn around time we might be looking at and price?



    • Hi Simon,

      Could you please email me a picture to anna@brightonupholstery.com
      I’m sure I can help you and there is a leather wholesaler on the same site as my workshop. I am very booked up at the moment- you’d probably be looking at around late June.

      I look forward to seeing your pictures.


  5. I just wanted you to know that you are the most unique upholsterer I have found on the web! Absolutely love every piece!! I am a very novice upholsterer but you have given me more inspiration to follow my vision and not worry about what other people think.

  6. I’m thinking of buying a second hand two seater and three seater and having it covered. I have no idea about costs, but want to have it done in a Royal Purple Velvet. Many thanks. Alison

    • Hi Alison- do you have any pictures of the sofas or similar ones? The price would depend on the shape of the sofa, whether or not it has cushions or fixed seating, whether it is antique or modern, chesterfield style or square and boxy, whether the frame and stuffing are intact etc.
      These factors will also affect how much fabric you would need but here is a link to some suitable upholstery velvets to give you an idea of prices:


      Hope this helps


  7. Hi, I have an opportunity to purchase 6 Louis Dining Chairs. I was wondering what the approximate cost of reupholstering the chairs would be before I purchase. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  8. Hi Anna,

    I’m going to have to replace my two reclining lounge chairs because the leather has worn out. Only trouble is that they are so comfy. What sort of price range am I looking at to have them recovered (with leather) and can you also do minor repairs? The strapping under one of the seats needs to be fixed. (Maybe my hubby could do this if we decided to recover)

    If leather is too expensive, maybe we could do fabric but my hubby does sweat a lot so I usually get something easy to clean.

    Any ideas and info would be appreciated. I live in Scarborough.



    • Hi Sue

      Are you in the UK? I’m guessing you’re in Australia- Scarborough in the UK is very far from Brighton!

  9. Hey Anna,
    I am in the process if restoring an old vw bay window camper and will soon be looking for someone to upholster some foam cusions for a full width rock and roll bed. I notice that you mention boats and motorhome above.
    I’m looking for something similar to the link below (just the cushions pictured in pic one)

    Would this be something that you may do/have done? If so could you give me a rough costing? I’m Brighton based so I would not need to worry about posting etc

    Many thanks


  10. HI

    I have a leather wing back chair that needs serious TLC; also a small child’s chair – both need the works! Sounds like you are very busy but would you have capacity to take them on….


  11. Thank you so much Anna for my beautiful chaise lounge, I can’t believe the difference it has made in this fantastic fabric. You have done an amazing job and in such a short time. I love it!!! I will definitely recommend you to others and I will be using you again myself. Thank you! Donna xx

  12. Please can you send me your email address so I can send you pictures, measurements etc for a quote.

  13. Dear Sir/Madam
    I have a 3 piece suite and it needs re-covering. I wondered if you do loose covers. If you don’t is there anyone who you could recommend.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Patricia, I’m afraid I don’t do loose covers. The only person I know who definitely does them is Adrian Robbins on Guildford Road but it’s worth doing a Google search as it’s often people who make blinds and curtains who make loose covers, rather than upholsterers.

    • Hi Niro. Thanks for the message. Emma managed to provide matching fabric for the buttons which I then covered for her. The price for this would be about £20 per cushion( to cover and install the buttons). She got the fabric directly from Ikea. What colour is your sofa? I may well be able to find fabric to match.


  14. Hi,

    I have a Molteni & C armchair with matching footstool which my puppy has chewed, so it needs re-covering. All the covers zip off for cleaning but would need to be re-made with zips before re-fitting. Is this something you could quote for? Would it help if I send photos?


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