By far the best way to reach me is by email, since I am often underneath a sofa and unable to get to the phone, creating a large volume of Voicemails which are hard to keep track of!

 For an initial assessment please send me a picture of your furniture to

Or you can phone me during business hours (Monday-Friday 9-5) on


Or visit my workshop by appointment at

71a Hollingbury Rd



Delivery and collection:

Unfortunately I am not a driver, so delivery and collection needs to be arranged by the client. For larger sofas I highly recommend

on 01273 776570 / 07812581360


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    • Hello Kirsty,

      Thanks for the enquiry. This chair will look great with a check fabric. I have sent you an email

      Anna 🙂

  1. Hi,

    I am looking to get my sofa cushions refilled. Can I do this myself? They are currently feather and very saggy. I read somewhere to wrap the feathers in duvet material which I have done but now they have died completely! What would you recommend? Is foam comfortable? Is there a special foam that is softer?

    So many questions.

    I thought it best to ask an upholsterer!

    Many thanks in advance.


    • Hi Emma,

      Have a look at this site. You can send them your old cover and they will refill with the filling of your choice. One of my clients recently replaced theirs with the ‘Supafeather flat’ which was pretty comfortable. It is basically a firm foam cushion with quite a deep layer of feathers on top.

  2. We have a Knoll sofa that has sort of collapsed at the side. Is this the sort of thing that you mend and would it be possible to do this in situ?


  3. Hi , I have a leather chesterfield and the seat cushions are pretty worn out so would like to have some fabric cushions made to replace them , the rough measurements would be 25 in x 30 in, depth 8in , is this something you would undertake ?

  4. Hello. I have an armchair seat cushion that needs a new cover. I have the material just lack the skill! Measures 18″ by 23″. Any idea of a rough price?

  5. Hi there I have a chesterfield sofa new one / year old but am not happy with the cushion are you able to refill them please

  6. Reupholster needed for our rather old but lovely large sofa, small sofa and armchair.
    Can you help?

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