Cats love Brighton Upholstery

Cats will go to great lengths to get their favourite chair made over by Brighton Upholstery. They might shred the fabric, or even pee on the seat. Here is some of my work being approved by the most discerning of clientele.

NEW: If your furniture is being brought to me due to damage by your cat, they will receive a complimentary handmade, super-strength catnip Brighton Upholstery mouse by way of a thank you to them for the business, and hopefully as a distraction from your newly upholstered furniture.

2 Responses to Cats love Brighton Upholstery

  1. Hello there

    I have just purchased a swivel egg chair which could do with reupholstering. Would it be alright to email you a photo for a quote?

    Man thanks


    • Hi, thanks for the message.
      Yes please do send a picture of your chair. Have you had any ideas for fabric?

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